New Castle Commons Sunrise

Photography 101: Treasure

The moments I treasure the most when photographing nature: When everything just happens to come together to create the perfect moment.

1: While waiting for sunrise on the New Hampshire seacoast, the sun shows up and pops the sky into incredible color.

 2: The sun continued to rise and situated itself perfectly in the center of a coastal tree.


New Castle Commons Sunrise


Gateway to Sunrise

Danielle and Joe Vineyard

Saltwater Farm Vineyard | Stonington CT Wedding

It was a beautiful day with great wine, food, and even better company at Saltwater Farm Vineyard for Danielle and Joseph’s Wedding in Stonington, Connecticut. With a very appealing landscape-like vineyard, a beautiful church nearby, and a waterfront seacoast close to the heart of the bride and groom, it was a day to remember for the lucky couple.

Grinnell Glacier reflection in Lake Josephine

Photography 101: Landscape


Deserts, Oceans, Mountains, Lakes, Streams, Grassy Plains, and Glaciers. No matter the wild landscape– I love it so!


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