Leaving for a Road Trip through Iceland!

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Well, tomorrow is the big day! I’ll be on a plane heading to Iceland with my girlfriend where we’ll be renting a small camper van and driving around the country is a large loop with many many stop along the way. The above screenshot from my computer is a rough map of our route via Google Maps.

Every ounce of camera equipment that I own is coming along on this one, including my GoPro. Believe it or not, research shows that there should be some wifi hotspots along the way– thus, with any wifi that I find a photograph will be posted. It MAY be hard for me to have the time while I’m on the road to post both here and on Facebook. Since Facebook is faster please click-through to my Facebook Page in order to guarantee that you see my photographs posted live if you’re interested in following along for the journey. I will do my best to post in both locations though!

I couldn’t be more excited to hit the road in Iceland! Its going to be a great journey, and I cannot wait to document the entire trip with photographs from the many vastly different landscapes around the country.

Stay tuned…

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Enchanted Forest

Fog in the Forest

Enchanted Forest

“Enchanted Forest”


Have you ever taken a photograph that you deliberately knew was going to be a black and white photograph before you even clicked the shutter release on your camera? If you don’t regularly shoot in black and white, then the odds aren’t high, but that’s how “Enchanted Forest” was for me. During my previous trip to Alaska a couple of weeks ago, I knew that at some point I wanted to get a shot of the early morning fog rising out of the forest trees– and I knew I wanted it to be a black and white shot. Each day I searched for the photograph that I knew I was looking for, but the fog and tree combination just never seemed right. Then, while on a boat trip to Tracy Arm Fjord, I looked up into the mountains and saw the scene in this photograph, instantly knowing that it was the photographic opportunity that I had been waiting for.


This photograph was taken at 400mm with the 100-400 set at f/8 and ISO 640 due to the dark cloud cover that morning.


So do you have any photographs that you instantly knew were going to be black and white images? If so, post a link to your image in the comments. I’d love to check them out :)


Vibrant Blue Iceberg

Tracy Arm Fjord– Alaska’s Largest Icebergs

Vibrant Blue Iceberg

A combination of rain the night before and dark cloudy skies throughout the day combined to create some of the most vibrant blue ice in the icebergs off of Tracy-Arm Fjord that I have ever seen. The colors were so other-worldly, and with the reflection of the blue ice in the water, it essentially looked like the ice was hovering above the surface of the water.


I’ve printed this photograph on a sheet of aluminum and mounted with a float hanger as size 10×20. The high-gloss finish of the aluminum makes this photograph truly one of a kind. This style in this size as well as others is for sale on my website, or contact me at nbushphotography (@) Gmail (dot) com for questions and more information.


Humpback Whales– Gustavus, Alaska.

“Synchronized Swimming”


Synchronized Swimming” 

Four Humpback whales form a perfect line and reach the water’s surface simultaneously. What happened next was stunning, as each whale exhaled at the same time, releasing their blow-holes in a mist of water together in perfect unison. It was almost as if it was planned in a form of synchronized swimming.


This photo is available for purchase in the form of print or download from my website: HERE   Recommended print sizes: 8×16, 10×20, 12×24, or 20×40 panoramic sizes to take full advantage of the photographs size. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.



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Glacier Calving

The Creation of an Iceberg

Glacier Calving


The creation of an Iceberg at South Sawyer Glacier, Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska. A sudden crack and what sounds like rolling thunder leads to massive house-sized pieces of ice calving from the front of the glacier, exploding into the water below. The waves created by such an event are large enough that you wouldn’t wan’t to be broad-sided in a small to medium sized boat by them.

Calving Aftermath

I’ve spent time at different glaciers, waiting for a calving event to happen. It’s never a guarantee, and I’ve waited for hours before with no result. This time, I had to wait about 15 minutes for the first event to take place. Then, it happened again within another 20 minutes. Overall, 6 calving events at two different glaciers in about 1.5 hours. There was constant cracking noises the entire time– It was quite the experience.

If you ever make it to South Eastern Alaska, I highly recommend the trip to Tracy Arm Fjord. If you’re lucky enough to witness a calving event, it will be worth the trip for sure.