New Castle Commons Sunrise

Photography 101: Treasure

The moments I treasure the most when photographing nature: When everything just happens to come together to create the perfect moment.

1: While waiting for sunrise on the New Hampshire seacoast, the sun shows up and pops the sky into incredible color.

 2: The sun continued to rise and situated itself perfectly in the center of a coastal tree.


New Castle Commons Sunrise


Gateway to Sunrise

Grinnell Glacier reflection in Lake Josephine

Photography 101: Landscape


Deserts, Oceans, Mountains, Lakes, Streams, Grassy Plains, and Glaciers. No matter the wild landscape– I love it so!


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Salmon Swimming Abstract

Photography 101: Swarm

For a couple of weeks every July, the Salmon swarm at the mouth of Alaskan freshwater streams as they get ready to lay their eggs and die in the same place they were born. Laser counters placed underwater count the fish as they enter freshwater rivers from the ocean. Last year, in just one day, over 200,000 salmon swam (swarmed?) into the Kenai River.


Salmon Swarm

Salmon Swimming Abstract

An abstract extended exposure of Red Salmon swimming just below the surface of a shallow freshwater stream, Juneau, Alaska.