Sunlight Penetrating Storm Clouds on the Olympic Peninsula of Olympic National Park

A Pleasant Surprise

Sunlight Penetrating Storm Clouds on the Olympic Peninsula of Olympic National Park

I made this photograph while camped out on the beach in Olympic National Park. When I saw these sun rays shooting out of the dark storm clouds I thought there was never going to be any way that I could do them justice in a photograph. This photograph has since surprised me, as it has become one of my most sold prints.

The story behind making this photograph makes it even better. When I was hiking in Olympic National Park I was working as a back country guide and my job was to take teens on a week-long backcountry experience. For this reason, I had limited space in my backpack (lots of gear to carry) and I could not fit my tripod with all of my other equipment. When we reached our campsite, I saw the clouds starting to shift and break apart, just a sunset was approaching and set to work on building my own make-shift tripod.

I used a stack of bear canisters to bring the camera up to the height that I needed, and balanced the camera on top of the tallest canister. In order to make sure the camera was straight, I stacked small pebbles and shells to balance it out, making sure to leave room for the auto-focus ring so that it didn’t jam on the delicate stack I had created in order to balance everything. Then, when the light was just right, I clicked the shutter release and the whole thing came together.

I’ve always been fond of this photograph, given that it was made utilizing that bear canister/seashell “tripod,” but I never thought it would become one of my more popular works. It has certainly been a pleasant surprise!

To see this photograph in high quality and to purchase prints please visit my “Essence of the Earth” Gallery page.

Delicate Beauty

“Delicate Beauty”

Delicate Beauty

“Delicate Beauty”

The beauty of the natural world is always delicate– like chandeliers of ice clinging to the very edge of a stone. One tap of the most subtle touch could send everything crashing into the stream below.

This is why nature and the wilds within are worth protecting.


Photographed along the Falling Water Trail, White Mountains of New Hampshire.

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Nubble Black and White

The Necessity of Making Your Photographs Stand Out!

Trying Something Different From All The Rest.

In the days of digital photography and the number of people owning cameras and posting and/or selling their photographs online constantly growing, we as photographers sometimes have to do whatever it takes to make images that have never been done before. So many people these days are willing to give away their artwork for next to nothing, just to say their photograph was published on one of the pages in whichever magazine. With this being the case, it is growing more and more important for photographers to make sure that their photographs stand-out from all of the other photographs that are available on the internet.

This means taking risks. Do what you haven’t done before, or at least try– worse comes to worse you can always press that delete button located on the top right corner of your keyboard.

Trying new things is often scary. We find ourselves wondering if there is a reason no one else has done it. We don’t want our hard work to be outcast because it differs from all the rest in such a way that it is looked down upon– but sometimes the risk is worth the reward.

Nubble Black and White

I don’t know if this one has ever been done before. I’ve seen a lot of photographs of the Nubble Light dressed in holiday lights, but personally, I have never seen it portrayed in black and white. This fact alone inspired me to try it. As an artist, I like how the white lights outlining the lighthouse make it stand-out completely against the black sky. I like how the holiday lights illuminate the surrounding rock just ever so slightly, and I like how the stars rest in the night sky above, standing out just enough.

I’ll leave whether or not this is a good photograph to you as the viewer of my work. Will this photograph ever sell? Maybe. And If it doesn’t? Well, that’s okay because I know that I took a risk in making it, but most of all I know that I had a great time while doing it.

I invite you to leave your thoughts on this in the comments section below!

Until next time…

Frozen Wadsworth Falls

Frigid Wadsworth Falls State Park

Fulfilling the New Years Resolution!

Frozen Wadsworth Falls

For those of you who read my last blog post about 2014 and my photographic New Years resolution to better photograph my home state of Connecticut… here’s the first CT photograph of the year! I’ve been wanting to do some frozen waterfall photography for a while now, and after last week’s thawing in CT, I thought the past few days may have been cool enough to re-freeze some of the waterfalls.

This photograph was taken at Wadsworth Falls State Park in Middlefield, CT. The waterfall itself was not frozen, minus that chunk in the middle of it, but the mist from the waterfall had frozen solid over all of the leaves and sticks on the side of the water. Those leaves are what drew me to take this picture– I love how they seem to be forever preserved in a thin layer of ice, just on the side of the falls.

And with this photograph… my first step to fulfilling my New Years resolution!

I’m excited to keep it up!

As always, prints of this photograph are available on my website! Please click here to browse photographs.


- Nathan Bush

Nathan Bush Photography

Gateway to Sunrise

Happy New Year to You!

Happy New Year! 

Gateway to Sunrise

Tree at the Great Island Common during sunrise– Winter 2013.
Click this image to make it larger for the best viewing experience!

2013 has been good to me, but as I stated in my last post, towards the end of the year I felt like I started to focus too much on work and my career while loosing site of what really makes me happy– photography.

As 2014 rolls around, my biggest new years resolution is also a challenge to myself as a photographer. Not only will I make sure that I get out with the camera more often; I also want to attempt to photograph my home state of Connecticut. Being born and raised in Connecticut, I’ve never really liked it here or thought it was a very picturesque place. Compared to the White Mountains of New Hampshire or the backwoods of Maine, Connecticut has always seemed, well… a little boring. In 2014 I challenge myself to photograph Connecticut in such a way that I’m happy with and proud of. I don’t think it is going to be easy for me, but I’m certainly going to give it my best shot (no pun intended)!

Now, I could use your help. Do you know a place in Connecticut that you think I should travel to with the camera? Please let me know in the comments below or email me privately.

Thanks, and Happy New Year to all of you taking the time to read this post and those of you who have followed me along the way in 2013 :D

New Castle Commons Sunrise

Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

The Joy of Photography

Some people might say that this is a cop-out photograph for this weeks challenge. Heck, it probably is. But here’s why the following photograph represents Joy to me:

New Castle Commons Sunrise

Sunrise, Great Island Common. New Castle, New Hampshire

For me, photography is simply a passion that makes me happy. My current career path is a full-time retail job that pays with a mediocre salary plus commission. Those of you who work retail jobs now that this time of year can be extremely stressful as your store is constantly mobbed with people doing their holiday shopping day in and day out. Through out this holiday season, I’ve worked so much that it almost feels as if I’ve lived at the office. That’s why when I found out that I had an early schedule last Friday and both Saturday and Sunday off from work, I planned on heading to New Hampshire to do some photography.

I almost didn’t go. There was a part of me that has been so tired lately that I just wanted to have a lazy weekend and catch up on some sleep at home on the couch. But despite these feelings, I booked an inn in Portsmouth New Hampshire and made the drive. Believe me when I say, getting out of bed at 4:30 in the morning was extremely difficult, but I forced myself to climb out of the sheets anyways. When I arrived at the Great Island Common beach, mother nature rewarded my recent hard work with quite possibly the most spectacular sunrise I have ever seen. It completely blew me away. It was stunning. I love the photograph that I captured, but I’ll never forget witnessing it happen from start to finish in person. And in those amazing 15-minutes of sunrise, not a single thought of the stress I’ve recently endured at my job back home entered my mind. In those moments, I was completely at peace.

That, in my mind, is Joy.