Mendenhall Glacier Panoramic

Alaska Day 1: Mendenhall Glacier!

Mendenhall Glacier Panoramic

I arrived in Juneau Alaska yesterday, after a long day of travels from Connecticut. Despite being incredibly tired from my travels, I woke up early the next day to hike out to Mendenhall Glacier. It took about 6-hours to hike the trail round trip, and unfortunately it rained almost the entire time– but the views were absolutely worth the long, wet journey.

This is a 5-shot panoramic photograph of the West side of Mendenhall Glacier as seen from an overlook along the West Glacier Trail.

Fine-Art prints of this photograph will be available on my website at shortly.

I’ll be in Alaska for another week, so many more photographs are to come!

Sunrise Photo-Shoot at Elizabeth Park


Secret Garden

“Secret Garden”

The other day I woke up at 4:45AM to head over to Elizabeth Park and Rose Garden in West Hartford, CT for sunrise. This was the first time I went to this park, and I have to say, it was gorgeous and the photograph opportunities are endless!

The above photo titled “Secret Garden” is a 3-shot HDR composite, with HDR techniques used to capture the most detail possible in the shadows of the foreground. The canopy I was under is covered with leaves and blocks out almost all light, but HDR techniques allow for those shadows to brighten. During post-processing, I decided that the look I wanted required more of a dark foreground than the HDR composite originally allowed, but I was able to achieve the tone that I wanted in the image by adding a slight vignette.


Rose Arches


The archways at Elizabeth Park are beautiful and offer many different opportunities for photographs. In the above photograph, I attempted to use one of the arches to essentially “frame” the others.  At first I wasn’t sure if I liked that the second arch in wasn’t fully grown, but after taking the photograph, I think it actually draws more attention to the one behind it that is fully grown, adding depth to the image as a whole.

Both of these photographs are available for purchase on my website here!

Thanks for taking the time to view my work! :)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

New Hampshire Pemigewassett Wilderness Simplicity


There’s nothing more than a wilderness of natural lines, texture, and light, between the eight 4,000ft+ mountain peaks of the Pemi Loop in the Pemigewassett Wilderness of Northern New Hampshire.

This black and white photo of one of those peaks is meant to highlight those natural ridge-line lines, the texture of the wilderness vegetation below, and the light of the sun highlighting the entire scene from above.


In less than 1-month I’m heading to Alaska for just over a week and bringing the camera along! I couldn’t be more excited. To follow along, find my page on Facebook and click the “like” button here: CLICK HERE


Mount Lafayette and Franconia Ridge  Pano

The Pemigewassett Wilderness Backpack

Mount Lafayette and Franconia Ridge  Pano

Franconia Ridge, Mount Lafayette, and the wilderness below.


A coupe of days ago I set out to Hike the Pemi Loop in the Pemigewassett Wilderness of the White Mountains in Northern New Hampshire.  After 3 days of backpacking on some of the most brutal grueling terrain I’ve seen in a while, I’m completely spent (although a beer and a giant burger did go rather far to remedy that!)

For those of you who are interested, the Pemi Loop is an unofficial loop, in that there is no “Pemi Loop” trail, but rather a bunch of interconnecting trails including the Appalachian Trail, that take you from the Lincoln Woods Trail Head, up and over Mount Flume, Mount Liberty, Little Haystack, Mount Lincoln, Mount Lafayette, Mount Garfield, South Twin Mountain, Mount Guyot, and Bondcliff, in 32-miles of over 9,000 ft elevation gain before heading back and finishing at the Lincoln Woods Trailhead.

I don’t consider myself an inexperienced backpacker, as I’ve done a few backpacks in my past– including a wilderness trek in Patagonia Argentina and the Inca Trail in Peru, but I was only able to complete half of the Pemi Loop due to vastly underestimating the degree of difficulty in the terrain.  But that’s ok. This just means I’ll have to go back and start the loop in the other direction, therefore finishing the trek :P

The above photograph is a 13-image panoramic stitch of Franconia Ridge, heading up to Mount Lafayette and the wilderness below.





This black and white photograph was taken at the Nags Head Fishing Pier, Outer Banks, North Carolina.  The 5″ exposure captured the motion in the water while bringing out the detail in the sand and the pylons holding up the pier. By making this image black and white, it added greatly to the sense of depth and overall tone of the photograph.

High quality prints of this photograph are available for purchase at a reasonable price by clicking: Here.

Nag's Head Fishing Pier

Sunrise– Nags Head Fishing Pier

Nag's Head Fishing Pier


These pastel colors are the result of the storm clouds blocking out much of the light from the sunrise last week at Nags Head Fishing Pier on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. A 2″ exposure, timed as the water retreats, into the ocean reveals a bit of water motion, as well as some orange light among the stones and shells on the sand in the foreground.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, and thanks for taking your time to look at my photograph!

- Nate