Color-Tone Priority Photography


I think color-tone priority photographs are really interesting. With this island off the coast of Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska, I used “B+W Color Tone Priority: Green” to make the natural growth of the mosses, grasses, and trees, really jump out from the grey rock.

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6 thoughts on “Color-Tone Priority Photography

    • Hey, Carrie. It does look like that doesn’t it? It seems almost impossible that anything could be growing out of what really looks lke just plain rock.
      Thanks for stopping by again!
      – Nate

  1. I learn something new all the time by looking at other’s photos. I really love this one and how fitting that I’m headed to Alaska on Friday. I had never heard of color tone priority…I’m definitely going to check it out now.

    • Hey Alaska Girl at Heart,

      Thanks for your kind words about my photograph. Color-tone priority is fun sometimes and I know, especially if you’re a Canon shooter, some cameras have a setting built in for it. Otherwise it can be done via postprocessing, especially if you’re shooting RAW. Have a great time in Alaska, I love it there!
      – Nate

  2. Nice effect Nate. Was this done in camera or in post. My 40D doesn’t have thins feature, that I’m aware of, but the 7D that should be here today(wooo-hooo, doing the happy dance :-D ), might!

    • Hey Jeff, Thanks! That photograph was actually taken a couple years back with my Canon Powershot. It had a setting called color-tone priority where I could take a photograph of a color, and it would remember that color until I re-set it. Unfortunately I don’t think the DSLRs have this setting (I have no idea why!) but it is very easy to do with the presets in LR3. The only Post processing I did was adjust exposure a little, and wipe out the green that was captured from the mountain in the background to the right.
      Oh man, if you are as lucky as I am with weather today, then you will have the perfect day for testing out the new 7D with landscapes! If not, probably tomorrow haha, it’s beautiful here today! Have fun :D

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